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What should you say at Court for Drink Driving?

Ideally, nothing.

Let me explain.

You should not turn up to court unrepresented.

Firstly, virtually no case is hopeless regardless of your alcohol limit. This may seem counter-intuitive but the alcohol limit in your breath, blood or urine is not the end of the matter.

It’s just the beginning.

It’s the beginning because that alcohol level is what lands you in court in the first place. If you’re over the limit you end up in court. If you’re not you don’t.

Being fair is part of what the law is supposed to be.
The concept of justice is a little harder to nail down.
What exactly is ‘just’?
One person’s justice may be another person’s injustice.

So, an excess alcohol reading is just the beginning, but it’s not the end.

It is true that the alcohol reading is a factor -of course it is- but it is not the only factor in proving the case against you. There are many other procedural steps that must be followed in order for the case to be proven against you.

Obviously, you’re free to plead guilty if you want to and be disqualified from driving for -on average- two or three years.

But most people don’t want that.

Most people can’t afford to be without their car. It’s not that they don’t think they made a mistake -they do- it’s just that the law puts them between a rock and a hard place. If they plead guilty they’re off the road, no matter how unfortunate their case is.

Most people want to fight these cases and as we live in a democracy and not some authoritarian state where the result is preordained, that is their right.

Now that you know that every case is potentially defensible regardless of the alcohol reading, let’s look at Court.


If you've been summoned to court, you do not have to obtain a Solicitor. You can represent yourself.

But think about that.

As much as you think that you know from online research or asking people, you simply cannot defend a case like this on your own.

You wouldn't attempt open heart surgery after watching YouTube videos so why on earth would you attempt to represent yourself in court? After all this isn’t some meaningless thing. This is really serious: if you lose you go off the road.