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Can You Go To Jail For Drink Driving?

Can you be sent to jail if you’re convicted of drunk driving? In theory, yes. In practice, very likely not. It’s dependent on a number of factors.

Can I Have One Drink And Drive?

People want certainty, which is why people always ask how much they can drink and drive. But does this certainty exist? 

Drink Driving Cases Dismissed.

Drink driving cases can sometimes collapse. Here are some examples of why. 

What Is The Difference Between Careless And Dangerous Driving?

They can both be largely the same, but outcomes elevate their differences.

What Is The Penalty For Dangerous Driving In Ireland?

Automatic disqualification applies to dangerous driving but not careless driving. Learn to see why.

What Happens In Court For Drink Driving?

What is it like being in the courtroom? Is it uncertainty or stress?

Drink Driving Technicalities

Once you have exceeded the alcohol limit, many believe this is the end. But alcohol
limits are only one part of the prosecution case.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Blood Stream?

The majority of people don't know that weed stays in the body more than two weeks after consuming it. 

 The Penalty For Hit And Run?

Disqualification is a serious risk, but not always compulsory.

Never Trust Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are not your friend.

Do Most Plead Guilty Or Not Guilty

What is the difference between pleading guilty and not guilty?

Mistake With Court Summon

If your name, date of birth or address are slightly wrong on the summons, this will not

What's Drink Driving Limits?

There is no science about drink driving limits. All of us process alcohol differently.

How Long Is Your Licence Gone?

Disqualification periods range between 3 months and 4 years. The highest penalty is
reserved for people who refuse to provide a specimen.

How To Get Off A Drink Driving Charge?

A defence point which might exist in one case may not exist in another.

Fixed Charge Notice

It's possible to get a 3 month ban and not be convicted.  

Effect of Being Arrested

The impact of being arrested is always stressful. 

What To Do If Arrested

If you do nothing else start writing. 

Does The Judge Have Discretion?

If a judge decides to convict you, you will be disqualified. So you have to work hard to convince a judge not to convict you. 

Disqualification, Is There A Better Way?

In some countries on the continent disqualification is not always mandatory.  

Advice For Arrested Person

Being well behaved when you’ve been arrested is absolutely vital.

A Typical Drink Driving Cases.

Distress or emotional breakdown is usually the precipitating factor leading to a drink driving arrest.  

Drink Driving Law

Being familiar with these things makes understanding your case easier.

Is Drink Driving An Automatic Ban?

Yes, but like all of these cases you need to work backwards to the possible legal argument that helps you win. If you can locate this and you’re successful, you might avoid a ban altogether. 

What Is The Penalty For Dangerous Driving In Ireland?

Defending these cases is essential because the penalty is severe.

What Do Judges Think?

What things do they keep in mind when deciding cases?

What Does A Criminal Lawyer Do?

There’s a big difference between what a commercial lawyer does and what a criminal lawyer does.

What Happens When A Criminal Complaint Is Filed Against You?

The police will want to speak to you. How do you deal with that? 

What Is Judiciary?

What do the women and men who sit on the bench do?

What Is Criminal Law?

Its different from civil law in some very important ways.

What Is The Standard Proof In A Criminal Case?

Its different to the standard of proof in civil cases. There is a good reason for that.

What Is A Complaint In Criminal Law? 

What happens if someone reports you to the police?

Can You Silence Be Used To Against Your?

There are some ancient legal protections. This is one of them.

What Is Actus Reus And Mens Rea?

The focus is on guilt here.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your Blood?

It lurks in your blood far longer than you'd think. 

What Is The Burden Of Proof In A Civil Case?

If you bring the case, you have to prove it. 

What Is Mens Rea?

The guilty mind.

Who Has The Burden Of Proof In A Criminal Case?

The burden of proof always stays with one side.

What Do You Mean By Self-Incrimination?

Think before you speak. 

Does A Judge Have A Choice?

They have wide discretion, except in some cases.

What Is Drug Driving?

Drugs linger a long time in your blood.

How Do Judges Make Decisions?

What factors influence them?

What A Judge Might Seek In Court?

Who wins between law and justice?  

Are Journalists Allowed In Court?

Justice must be seen to be done.

How Long After Drinking Can You Drive?

Its all about quantity and quality.

I've Been Caught In Possession Of Drugs. What Happens Next?

Getting legal advice is a good start.

What Is The Rights To Silence?

Long recognised as a feature of democracies.

What Is Strict Liability In Law?

The law punishes some things whether you intended it or not.

How To Address A Judge In Court?

Always show respect. Not many people can put you in jail. Judges can.  

What Is Intention In Criminal Law?

For most offences, the State must prove you meant it.

What Is The Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law?

There are some crucial differences between them, jail being the most obvious.

What Is The Actus Rea Of  Theft?

What must the State prove to bring home a guilty verdict?

How Much Can You Drink And Drive?

Its all about quantity and quality.

How To Distinguish Between Civil And Criminal Law?

There are some tips to help you decide which one is which.

How  Many Units Can You Drink And Drive?

Science doesn’t apply here, common sense does.

What Is A Criminal Lawyer?

Some of things a criminal lawyer does every day.

What Is Self-Incrimination?

When you speak in police stations, it can have consequences.

What Should I Do If Someone Makes  A Complaint Against Me?

Some handy tips on how to deal with a traumatic situation like this.

Court Is Completely Alien.

When you’ve never been to court (like the vast majority of people) it can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be.

How Many Penalty Points Can You Get For Speeding?

12 is the magic number. Try to avoid it.

Which Standard Of Proof Is Required In All Criminal Cases?

If you can send someone to prison, they have to be judged to a very high standard.

How Do I Invoke My Right To Remain Silent?

Is there a way to do this? Yes, there is.

What Does Causation Mean?

The (legal) relationship between cause and effect.

What Is Causation?

Just because you did some act, doesn’t mean you caused the outcome.

What Is The Main Objectives Of Criminal Law?

Criminal law has objectives. Here are some.

Will I Lose My Job If I'm Convicted Of Drink Driving?

It depends on your job. It also depends on your contract of employment.

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