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Is drink driving an automatic ban?

Yes. Yes, it is.

You almost certainly need your driving licence for work or family reasons. You may have significant personal circumstances that you think the Judge should know about.

I agree.

Does any of this make a difference?

No. No I’m afraid not.

If you are convicted of drink driving the penalty is always disqualification.


There are no exceptions.

This isn’t because the Judge wouldn’t want to make an exception for you if they could.

In some cases they would if they could.

But they can’t.

They are not allowed.

The law stops them from using their discretion when it comes to drink driving.

Judges must administer the law and the law is clear.

If a person is found guilty of drink driving, then the penalty is always disqualification.


Regardless of your circumstances.

So yes, following a conviction for drink driving there will be an automatic ban.

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