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Drink Driving Limits Ireland

I’ll assume that this is your first time being prosecuted for drink driving.

Drink driving disqualification periods vary, depending on the level of alcohol in your blood, urine or breath.

The higher the level of alcohol in your system, the higher the disqualification.

If this is your first prosecution the maximum disqualification is 3 years.

But, if you refuse to give a specimen of breath, blood or urine (some people think that if they don’t give a specimen there is nothing to analyse) you will face a 4-year automatic disqualification.

This is the highest possible disqualification for a first offence.

Here are the limits for blood, urine and breath.


Between 51-80mg of alcohol: 6 moths.

Between 81-100: 1 year.

Between 101-150: 2 years.

Above 150mg: 3 years.


Between 68-107mg alcohol: 6 months.

Between 108-135: 1 year.

Between 136-200: 2 years.

Above 200: 3 years.


Between 23-35mg alcohol: 6 months.

Between 36-44mg: 1 year.

Between 45-66mg: 2 years.

Above 66mgs: 3 years.

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