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NEW: Drink Driving limit Ireland 2023

Updated: Jan 3



As of this writing, the drink driving limits for Ireland in 2023 have not changed from 2022. This is what they are:


Between 51-80: 6 months.

Between 81-100: 1 year.

Between 101-150: 2 years.

Above 150: 3 years.


Between 68-107: 6 months.

Between 108-135: 1 year.

Between 136-200: 2 years.

Above 200: 3 years.


Between 23-35: 6 months.

Between 36-44: 1 year.

Between 45-66: 2 years.

Above 66: 3 years.

The limits are different depending on whether you give a blood, urine or breath specimen. The interesting thing when it comes to providing breath, blood or urine is that the ways this should be done are governed by law.

Since you are being required to give the State a specimen from your body, the law sets out how this requirement should be made. And the law is strict here.

Do you get a choice? Can you choose which specimen you want to give?

Not really.

If you’re arrested and brought to the Garda station, you may be required to provide a breath specimen. The machine used (the Evidenzer IRL) is usually located in a specific room in the Garda station. Provided that it’s working properly, and you have no medical issues that is the specimen you will have to give.

In other words, you cannot insist on giving a blood or urine specimen if the Evidenzer machine is working and you’re in good health.

The CCTV was played in court.
It showed that nobody
was observing the arrested person.
The drink driving case was thrown out of court.