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Caught Driving while Disqualified Ireland

PRISON IS ALWAYS the first thing on a Judge’s mind.

There's a good reason for that.

If you're caught driving while disqualified it means that a court put you off the road and you decided to drive anyway.

As far as a Judge is concerned, you're giving two-fingers to the court.

To them.

Imagine walking down the street and someone sticking up two fingers at you as they walked past.

How would you feel?


That’s how Judges feel when you decide to drive while disqualified. You have no respect for their Orders.

But unlike you, Judge’s have far-reaching remedies. Unlike you there are places they can put people. You understand.

Judges don't disqualify people easily.

In fact, most will often try not to disqualify someone if they can. They do this because they know how severe disqualification is.

But sometimes they have no choice.

Court Orders are mandatory.
They are not optional, not discretionary,
not open to interpretation.
You don’t have a choice about
whether you comply with them or not.

For example, if you're convicted of drink driving you will be disqualified from driving.

That’s because the Judge has to disqualify you from driving.

They have no choice.

The law says they must do it and the Judge’s job is to implement the law.

It’s the same for dangerous driving.

If you're convicted of dangerous driving you will be disqualified. Again, the Judge has no choice.

They must put you off the road if you're convicted. The law states that they do it.

And they know what disqualifications mean.

They know the extreme hardship involved.

None of them take any joy in putting people off the road.