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Can you have one drink and drive?

Extremely popular question, even among lawyers.

There’s no easy answer.

This isn’t a cop-out, it’s just the reality of being human.

We are all unique and all different.

A pint of beer may not put you over the limit, but it might your mother or father.

That makes sense. They’re older than us and probably don’t drink as much as we do.

Their tolerance levels are probably lower.

But there's the hint.

Everyone is different.

But we're even different every day.

There's a whole range of things that can affect whether you can successfully process alcohol.

Like what?

Like your weight, sex, age, metabolism and how much you have eaten.

All these factors contribute to how your body processes alcohol.

Your body’s ability to process alcohol can be affected by whether you are a little sick or even tired.

You could eat the same amount of food today as yesterday and drink the same amount of alcohol.

But if you are more tired today than yesterday, this may very well affect your body’s optimum ability to process alcohol.

That could put you over the limit today, even though you drank the same amount as yesterday.

Everyone is different, every day.

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