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Experienced Representation

Since 2007, Patrick Horan has been serving the Munster area and since 2017 he has begun representing clients across Ireland.

Law is a service, in the same way that retail, transport and the hospitality sectors are also services.

These are highly competitive sectors, and the needs of consumers are paramount.

If a service in these areas does not perform, consumers expect to be able to complain and often do so. This is how industry standards rise.

​He presents all the available options to his clients and from a position of being fully informed, asks the Client to tell him which approach they wish to take.


If he is asked for his advice, he gives it, but the power in the dynamic rests with the Client, as they are the ones paying for the service.


Restoring to the Client the status of “active participant” is one which leads to greater harmony in the working relationship. 



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